Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's time for the Second Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web

I was going to hold off  till after the Wild Card playoff, but seeing as that there will be two other playoff games starting Saturday the MLB is really cramping my style.  So let the contest start.  You have until Sunday Oct 7th, oh let's say 4pm Alaska time or 12 noon EST, to get your picks in. If you want to wait till after the Wild Card playoffs that's cool too, and yes I'm giving you till after the first game in regular playoffs.

What do I want from you? It's simple.  Just tell me who's going to win the World Series.  And again this year we need some tie breakers in case a few of you pick the right team.  So also include who will be the loser of the World Series, how many games in the Series and how many home runs total in the series both teams.

So your entry would look like this

Rangers over the Reds, in 6, 15 home runs.

Now the Teams

American League
Detroit Tigers
New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics
Baltimore Orioles

National League
Washington Nationals
Cincinnati Reds
San Francisco Giants
St Louis Cardinals

What can you win?

Well the grand prize winner will receive every single Golden Giveaway code I pull from Update.  I was hoping to have a box break for you, but Bosco's didn't have any in when I went to trade night last night, so no dice.  But I do still plan on picking up a Jumbo to put my set together, so there will be at least 10 code cards in the mix. But like always I'm sure I'll pick up a few random packs and blasters along the way.
Grand Prize right now:  10 Golden Giveaway codes

And there will be a door prize from just signing up. What will it be?  I don't know yet, probably more vintage or something along that line.  And if you plug this contest on your blog I'll give you an extra entry into the door prize.  Just leave a comment with a link to the post.

All right let October begin!!!


  1. Nats over the Birds in 5, with 8 homers.

  2. Reds over As in 7, 12 with homers.

  3. Tigers over Reds in 7, with 11 homers.
    I really hope this is what happens.

  4. Giants over Yankees in 6, 7 homers

  5. Yankees over Cardinals in 6; 11 HR

  6. Yankees over Reds in 6 with 12 HR's

  7. Nats over Tigers, in half a dozen, baker's dozen dingers

  8. Yankees over Nationals in 7, 10 HR