Monday, October 29, 2012

2nd Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web we have a winner.

Well that was...quick.  I was out of town for the end of the playoffs and the first three games of the World Series. But I did get to watch last nights game as I flipped back and forth between Sunday Night Football.  I really thought the Tigers would win at least one, especially after the beating they put on the Yankees. Wow the Giants looked pretty good.  We didn't have that many people enter this year. I blame the extra Wild Card team and that so many races were so close up to the end of the regular season. But we did get 12 entries.  All I asked was to pick the winning team. Of course there were some tie breakers in there as well, but it didn't matter, because out of the 12 only one person picked the right team. A man who stuck to his guns and picked his team to win it all.

Congrats to Adam over at APRSmith's Sportscard Obsession. He correctly chose the Giants to win it all.

Dawgbones - Nats over the Birds in 5, with 8 homers.

The Brooklyn Met - Reds over As in 7, 12 with homers.

DHoff - Tigers over Reds in 7, with 11 homers.

Milwaukee Southpaw - Reds over Tigers in 6, 16 homers

arpsmith - Giants over Yankees in 6, 7 homers

The Dimwit - Nats over Yanks in 6; 8 HR

High Five Man - A's over the Reds in 7; 21 homers

Dan - Yankees over Cardinals in 6; 11 HR

AdamE - O's over Cards in 7, 7 HR

BA Benny - Yankees over Reds in 6 with 12 HR's

Shane - Nats over Tigers, in 6, 13HR's 

Wilson - Yankees over Nationals in 7, 10 HR

Adam wins the stack of Golden Giveaway codes. I think I ended up with 12 or 13 of them.  

Now onto the door prize.  What is it you ask?  Well to be honest I was going to dig something out, but got lazy and then left the state, so the door prize will be an assortment of 1991 Score baseball!  Just kidding, the winner gets a small stack of there favorite team or help with their need list if I can.

So I randomized the list 3 times and here is your winner.
Tony the Milwaukee Southpaw over at the Common (Card) Man  As luck would have it we like the same team and I have tons of extras, but you'll be getting an email from me soon to see if there are any set needs I can help out with too and maybe a new Griffey to add to your supercollection.

Thanks to all twelve of my contestants.  I know it was short notice on the contest and there were at least of few others that saw the post too late, but I will be holding my 3rd Almost the easiest Super Bowl contest on the web in January. 

cb out.

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