Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TTM Success Dog Sledder DeeDee Jonrowe

I ended up picking up a blaster of 2012 Goodwin Champions a while back.  Mainly because I was thinking of working on a post about some of the more ridiculous cards  in the set.  And in that box I pulled a SSP of DeeDee Jonrowe.  You may not know who DeeDee is, but if you live in Alaska you know her really well.

This year DeeDee competed in her 30th Iditarod.  And while she's never won the race she's come in 2nd three times and has 15 Top 10 finishes. She's  a cancer survivor and a huge supporter of the cause. She's also a great signer and loves to get fan mail.  I'll be cheering her on this coming March in the next Iditarod. 

Thanks Dee Dee!

TTM Stats
Date Sent 9/27/12
Date Recieved 10/10/12

Address Used
DeeDee Jonrowe
PO Box 272
Willow, AK 99688

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