Monday, October 8, 2012

Second Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web!!

Well I'll say I'm a little disappointed we only got 12 people to enter this year, but that's better than two and with that we have our contestants.  And we have a lot of new people and I know that there are quite a few bloggers in flux right now or that have left us, so I'll take what I can get

So here we have the 12 contestants for this years Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web.

Dawgbones - Nats over the Birds in 5, with 8 homers.

The Brooklyn Met - Reds over As in 7, 12 with homers.

DHoff - Tigers over Reds in 7, with 11 homers.

Milwaukee Southpaw - Reds over Tigers in 6, 16 homers

arpsmith - Giants over Yankees in 6, 7 homers

The Dimwit - Nats over Yanks in 6; 8 HR

High Five Man - A's over the Reds in 7; 21 homers

Dan - Yankees over Cardinals in 6; 11 HR

AdamE - O's over Cards in 7, 7 HR

BA Benny - Yankees over Reds in 6 with 12 HR's

Shane - Nats over Tigers, in half a dozen, baker's dozen dingers

Wilson - Yankees over Nationals in 7, 10 HR

Good luck everybody, I'll be updating the contest as the Semi's wrap up.

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  1. Really sorry I missed the entry...I love this contest!! I was a little in flux myself!