Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday, I say Good Day to you sir!!!

My Black Friday consisted of sleeping in, recovering from Turkey coma and reading reports of all the stupid people out there in the world pepper spraying each other.  I did however decided in the afternoon to head on down to the LCS to pick up this weeks comic offerings and to check out the deals they kept emailing me about. You may remember I posted about staying away from Panini's Black Friday promotion.  I surely did.  It didn't even matter because by the time I made it to the store all the Black Fridays packs were gone, so I didn't even have to rely on my awesome willpower.  I did however pick up his last box of Score football and another Score Hockey, yeah cheap Panini. But it's hard to pass up cheap boxes with a second box 30% off and double trade night tickets.  Boscos puts a pack of whatever comes out on the prize board and draws one ticket at trade night if you're there you win all the packs if your not the packs roll over to the next month.  Right now there's almost $500 worth of packs up for grabs so damn right I'm going to pick up a few more tickets.

My question to you is did anyone pick up any Panini Black Fridays packs and if so what did you get out of them?  I haven't seen too many posts about it and I'm curious what you might have picked up.


  1. If you see the Cam Newton card from these Black Friday packs let me know!

  2. You know, I heard a lot about Panini and Black Friday, but had not participated. Heck, I don't even know what they did. I'm looking forward to hearing about it next year though.

    Ok off I go to wish upon a star that the UPS man will in fact bring me my cardboard this evening. Nice site btw! Love the stamp at the top!