Monday, November 14, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #43

Wow #43 already.  Getting close to the halfway point and I find myself digging further and further into the card boxes.  I still have lots of, what I think are great cards, but you'll find now most of them will be from either my player collections or team collections, so a lot of Younts, Fingers, Jacksons, Brewers and Packers. First up we have a great cards from a great set.  You want to talk about parallels, UD Baseball Heroes has tons.  Here we have red autographed relic parallel numbered to 25. I remember winning this auction.  I spent a little more than my cheap ass would have liked to, but I added an awesome card to my Yount Supercollection.  So number 43 on the Top 100 (which is in no particular order)

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Robin Yount #99 Red Autograph Relic card #d 18/25.

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