Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Panini Black Friday?? Pass.

If you haven't heard Panini is doing a huge Black Friday promotion this year.  I keep getting emails for it from my local card shop.  If I buy box off the list of stuff I get 4 of these packs, if I buy any other qualifying Panini product I get 2 packs. Problem is I don't want to buy anymore Panini products this year.

I like what Panini is doing here, I really do.  They're trying, which is awesome.  I really like the way the company interacts with collectors and fans. I like how easy their website is to find a checklist. I like that they update and post everyday on their blog and post a drool gallery.  I'm just underwhelmed by their cards.  Every release seems to look the same and honestly I don't feel like shelling out $100 bucks a pop for their stuff.

I was reading on Blowouts card form that there are shops that are just selling the packs.  Figures, I'm sure this is against all of Panini's policies, but what can you do?  I say more power.  I would love to just be able to buy these packs at $5 a pop to see what I get.

On a side note while I'm thinking about Panini.  Panini needs to make a basic football offering.  Pretty much every offering this year is $5 a pack or was a few have dropped right off. You say what about Score?  Pssshaw.  That's like comparing Topps Kickoff or Opening Day to the flagship release.  No I'm talking about a regular set builders set.  No short prints or chase cards, just a nice low priced flagship set with some nice goodies and a few, I SAID A FEW, inserts and parallels.  I'll say this Score might be low priced, but to put a set together is a bitch.

I mean Panini has done it with Hockey and Basketball.  Looking at the rest of this years releases everything else is over 100 bucks a box, so if anything I won't be opening anymore hobby boxes of Panini or Topps products.  Just my two cents.

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