Monday, November 7, 2011

I shit you not!

So I meant to post this with my Score Hockey Box break but forgot to include it.  With all card releases the card companies have to offer a no purchase necessary option to it's products.  This is the NPN blurb on the box of the Score hockey.
It's pretty standard.  They make it as inconvenient as possible so you won't do this, but then I noticed this for its Canadian entrants.

Now I don't know what to think really.  Is this is some weird Canadian law that makes them do this? Or is Panini trying even harder to dissuade Canadians from sending in NPN entries?  Or is it a statement that Canadians are good at math and like a challenge and that Americans are lazy?  Or all three?  Just reading it gives me a giggle. "Canadian entrants must also correctly answer the following mathematical skill-testing question."  So it's not even that they make Canadians try, but they have to get it right as well.  And I'm curious do they want only whole numbers or are you suppose to take it to a specific decimal place? And if you look close Panini doesn't want any Frenchies either!

I'm sure all my Canadian readers out there are more than capable of plugging this little equation into a calculator and sending in the right answer, but if your too drunk after watching the Canucks game here it is to the last decimal place.  873.5237.  I might just have to send in a couple NPN's see if I win, 'cuz I don't have to answer their dumb question, I'm American!!!!!.

Have a great week everybody!!


  1. I read about this a long time ago, apparently there are laws in Canada against games of chance that don't involve some skill, and this successfully routes around that ban.

    In fact, assuming knows what's up, here's a link:

  2. 873.5 is only the right answer if you are going strictly left-to-right. If you use Order of Operations (PEMDAS), which is "mathematically correct," then you get 719.

    649 + ((630 / 546) * 676) - 710 = 719.

  3. Hey Josh, you are so right. It started bugging me after I saw your post so I email Panini and asked we'll see if I get an answer.