Thursday, November 3, 2011

Score Hockey Box Break and Review

2011-12 Score Hockey Box Label

Well looky here.  I swore I wouldn't be putting another set together this year, but being at trade night last night I saw that Score Hockey was out.  And I'm a sucker for cheap boxes.  Now I'm not really a hockey guy, but I do love ripping cheap packs and last years set was fun to try and put together, I'm still not finished by the way if anyone has some singles laying around take a look at my need list.  So I created a nice little box label for my set.  Feel free to grab it if you like it or just make your own.  This year the old favorites are back and some new inserts as well.  And a couple new parallels too, because what would a Panini product be with out parallels?

Here we have the Score base design.  Nice simple, great action shorts.  The glossy parallel also makes a return, but this year Panini actually stepped it up a little by labeling the cards as glossy on the backs.

Here you can see the regular back and a glossy back side by side.  I actually will give Panini a two thumbs up for this one.  Now they just need to do it to football as well.  I can't remember how many times I've been sorting a Score set and come across a glossy I put in my base set or is just randomly in my extras.  The glossies are one per pack.  There's also at least one rookie or insert per pack too.  Although I notice not always, but most of the time.

Of course we also have the Hot Rookies again and there are also SSP Hot Rookies I'm not sure how many but I did pull one.
Sean here is number 557 so I would assume that there are at least 10 and when I did a quick search of the 'Bay the only SSP on there was going for almost half the price of a box, nice.

The one insert I didn't get one of that returns from last year is the snoglobes.  I really like that set from last year.
I did get two sudden death cards.

Two playoff heroes.
And three from my other favorite set from last year Net Cam.

The new inserts include:
Making an entrance.
Franchise Retros
 Score B.  I guess if I was going to get a Score B card might as well be of someone I know.  It was also slightly damaged.  Strike one Panini.

Also falling one per box are these First Goal cards.

I also got one Gold Rush card.  The box and packs don't have odds, so I went to the sell sheet and these fall 1:36 or basically one per box.  The black ice parallel are one per case. 

According to the box I was also suppose to get a NHL Shield die-cut but didn't pull one instead I got this.
Could be better, but I won't sneeze at an auto from a Score product.

Also according to the sell sheet there  are Stanley Cup Champs (I did see some cards with the Stanley Cup Champs logo but I don't know if it's a parallel or an actual insert or if these are even the cards they are talking about), Santa SPs and a Super Secret that they won't give away.  And there are rookie autos and buy back autos as well.  Lets see how I did.
According to the sell sheet I'm suppose to get  3 Making an Entrance inserts, check. 3 Net cam, check. 2 Sudden Death, check. 1 First Goal, check.  1 Playoff Heroes, got two, check and check (maybe this is why I didn't get a snowglobe). 1 NHL die cut shield, nope, but I'll take the auto in place of that. No odds on snoglobes.

Over all I think I did very well with this box.  It's too bad Panini stopped numbering inserts in its Score products, but over all the design is nice, the inserts are pretty nice, and there's actually some cool stuff you could hit in here.  I do plan to buy a few more boxes of this and I'm going to try and put the 550 base set together and sell off any SSP's and inserts.  Especially if SSP's are going for 15 to 20 bucks.  I'll have a need list up when I start collating and I'm sure I'll have a ton of extras if you need any.

 cb out.

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