Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #40

Whew number 40 already.  Getting close to the half way point and like I said your going to start seeing more and more cards from my team and player collections.  I have to say out of the Packers Jordy is my favorite.  I have a totally hetero man crush on him.  I started picking up his higher end autos and relics back in 2009.  He was mainly a punt and kickoff returner, but I could see greatness in there.  And he had his best game of his short career in the Super Bowl last year.  I guess if you're going to have a career game why not in the big one.  Jordy's card prices have slowly been climbing and I've slowed my grabbing, but I ended up getting this sweet SPx  auto jersey for next to nothing last year well before the Packers were contenders.  Probably pretty close to the beginning of the season after Rodgers got hurt and I thought we were done. The only thing better would have been some color in the swatchs.  Anywho...

#40 on the Top 100
 2008 UD SPx Jordy Nelson Rookie auto triple relic #164 #d 049/599


  1. Gotta love Jordy, but my favorite is still Jennings. :)

  2. I love'em all but like any good mother I have a favorite and I call him Jordy! Although Jennings is up there too.