Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #37

Hey look another Bart Starr card. Damn right!  Of course this card is near the end of Bart's great career.  Still the 1970 Topps Football is a nice looking set.  1970 would be that last full season Bart played football, still he's like a golden god in Green Bay.  This is and the 1960 I featured earlier are the only 2 Starr's I own.  I get on certain kicks in my collecting.  At one time I was aquiring Packers pretty hard, now I seem to be focusing on my Brewer collection.  But I ended up getting this Starr for a good price and it's in great shape. And it's nice to feature a card now and then that isn't gold foiled, low numbered, and encrusted in relics.

#37 on the Top 100

1970 Topps Football #30 Bart Starr

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