Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For the Hebrews and the Shebrews. Your NL MVP for 2011!!

Ye Hawwwww.  Well I"m bummed he didn't get to go to the World Series, but being named the National League's MVP ain't a bad conciliation prize.  Ryan Braun, Brewer till the next decade.

I love this card.  Topps' choice in photos sometimes just makes me laugh and Braun has some good ones this year.  This is the 2011 Bowman Best insert.  It just looks like someone offered Ryan a nice big piece of pie with ice cream.  His expression says "What kinda pie?"  So congrats Ryan and congrats Justin and Clayton. Whew only 88 more days till spring training.  And I aim to catch at least 2 games down there.  And I get to watch a kick ass Turkey day game with  my Pack and the Lions who haven't look this good since I can't remember.  Ah life is good.  Have a great Thanksgiving everybody, just an early well wishing I'll be posting something tomorrow, weather I have anything to say or just a Top 100 post.

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  1. Had to post a quick comment on the new addition to your blog page - the Topps countdown made me laugh out loud. :)