Friday, November 4, 2011

New Score hockey good for autographing or great for autographing?

I was sitting down last night sorting through my hockey cards, which I still need to collate, and a thought struck me with this years design.  They would look great with a black or blue Sharpe auto on them.

Here we see the Tom Gilbert card I posted earlier.  Nine white card stock with a matte finish.

Now the card with a photoshopped signature on it.  It works!! Mmmm. I might have to do some TTM's with some extras.

Another thought occurred to me as well.  I need to pick a team.  I really do enjoy hockey, I just can't get in to it though not having a team of my own.  I mean I love football and baseball.  The Brewers and Packers are my main teams.  I'm not a huge basketball fan, but I'll root for the Bucks, just don't ask me to buy any Panini cards.  But when it comes to hockey I have no one.  I love going to the local minor league team here in Anchorage.  They're not too bad.  As a matter of fact the Anchorage Aces won the league cup, the Kelly Cup, last year.  For the first goal they throw frozen salmon on the ice, which is then donated to the food bank.  No I need a team.  But I don't want to be a the guy who picks a team because they just won a championship, Steelers fans I'm looking you.  Wisconsin doesn't have a professional NHL hockey team.  Oh I've got 3 teams in the geographic neighborhood, the Red Wings, Blackhawks, and Wild all surround me.  And the Blackhawks and Red Wings have lots of great history being part of the original six.  And I like history. When I was younger I liked the Sharks, mainly for the logo, not for the teams skill.  I'm torn.

On the card front one fact remains, UD is still putting out high quality, beautiful hockey cards.  Say what you will about the company and it's questionable business practices, it can still put out  damn nice products.  And I'll say this Panini can do low end like a pro, it's the companies high end stuff that seems terrible.

Anywho, just thought I'd throw this out there.

cb out.


  1. good luck picking out a team. It's a great sport, and you'll be hooked in no time.

    Don't like Score at all... but I agree about the ttm stuff. I use 90/91 and 91/92 Score for a lot of ttm and they look great signed.

    one question though... in your tag line.. boobs?