Friday, September 14, 2012

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #69

Been awhile since I posted a new addition to the Top 100.  It's not I don't have cards I could put on it. Because if you look at the list it's not always about the value, a lot of times it about the story.

Well I put this up over at the Rolllie Fingers Collector, but I really just love this new addition to the collection, so I'm going to add it as #69 on the Top 100. Which remember is in no particular order.

I ended up finally picking up one of these 2011 Leaf Legends of Sport autos. I had seen them all over for a while now and then went to work and forgot all about them.  Last week I saw one up for auction. The seller had a opening bid of 7.99.  I would have prefered to start lower, but this card is only numbered to 16! So I figured what the heck if could get this card for under a ten spot I would still consider that cheap. Well I bid and then no one bid me up. So I took home this beautiful card for under 10 bucks deliveried.  I'll take that any day especially an autographed card of one of my all time favorite pitchers and players.

I've actually never seen any of these cards in person before and I have to say they are incredibly well done and absolutely beautiful. I think Brian Grey is doing a great job over at Leaf with what he has at his disposal and if there comes a day Leaf gets a major sport license oh boy!.

#69 Leaf Legends of Sport Award Winners Rollie Fingers Autographed card #AW-22  #d 09/16

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