Monday, September 3, 2012

Lego Mini Figures Series 8

Jeez seems that Series 7 just came out. I was picking up some stuff at the local Fred Meyers and just happen to pass through the lego aisle and saw they had two new boxes of Mini Figures.  Not being able to pass it up I had to pick a few packs up to add to the old collection.

Here we have the checklist.

Another interesting smattering of themes and genres.

1. Robot
2. Conquestador
3. Bavarian
4. Cowgirl
5. Football Player
6. Deep sea diver
7 Skier
8. Banker
9. Fairy
10. Santa Claus
11. Man Bat
12. DJ
13. Cheerleader
14. Hamlet or an actor I guess
15. Pirate..arggg
16. Alien

Here's the three I got.

The Man Bat!!

Santa freaking Claus!

The Alien was probably the most complicated mini figure I've ever put together.  Three pieces for the head and two for the cape. But it looks great.

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