Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OK I'm much better after a good nights sleep.

Ok Deep Breath. One last post and then I move on till this Sunday which I won't be watching the NFL if there are no real refs.

First I want to say congrats to the Seahawks. Your defense played awesome, Packer offensive line not so much.  And yes if the Packers had done a few things differently than that last play of the game wouldn't have matter. But it did and I'm still a little miffed.  I'm not mad at the Seahawks players or their fans.

I am still mad at Godell and the NFL for letting this go on. It's hard for me to blame the replacements.  I mean how can you be mad at your dog for shitting on the floor if you don't let him outside all day? I mean he tried to hold it, but come on if you gotta go you gotta go. And with that I too scoured the web for funny things generated by last nights show.  Sorry if you've seen some of these or I stole them from you.

Ok I'm better now. Hey baseballs still going on!! Kewl!!!


  1. How about this one:

    BREAKING NEWS - JaMarcus Russell eyeing return to NFL after discovering games can be won by throwing interceptions.

    1. Burn!

      Intertouchdownception is the best.