Friday, September 14, 2012

TTM Success Amaury Rivas

I got to see Amaury pitch a little this spring training. I for the life of me can't remember how he did, but somehow I ended up with quite a few of his Bowman cards, both the regular and chrome, this year.  So I figured I'd send him a couple to see if he would sign.  This season Rivas was pitching with the Brewers AAA club the Nashville Sounds and I've had some pretty good luck getting guys from the club to sign.  Amaury didn't have the best record posting a 5-8 season, but he did play in over 50 games this year.
I sent to Amaury way back in May and I had pretty much written this one off, but a few days ago I got one of my TTM return envelopes in the mailbox.  I hadn't sent any new requests out in a while and the postmark was hard to read but low and behold it was this one.  There was also a nice note in the envelope from Amaury's friend Elizabeth.  It was the first ever reply I'd gotten from a TTM. And while not from the player, from the content of the letter, at least someone close to him.  I was a little worried that she signed for him too but after looking at a few other autos online I'm pretty sure that's his sig.  And while it would have been nice to have it signed in Sharpe I'm not going to complain about a return and getting a guy who might very well be in the bigs next year.

TTM Stats:
Date Sent 5/18/12
Date Recieved 9/7/12

Sent to
Nashville Sounds Baseball Club
Herschel Greer Stadium
534 Chestnut Street
Nashville, TN 37203 

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