Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1963 Topps Project - This is a big one.

It's been awhile since I did a 1963 Topps Project post.  And that's because I hadn't acquired any new 63's in a while.  So on a slow day I was pursuing what ebay had to offer and ended up picking up a lot of LA Angels  in EXMT condition for under a buck a card delivered.  And then I got a bug up my butt and decided to look at picking up one of the bigger cards in the set and one of my favorite players of all time.  

#390 "Hammerin" Hank Aaron

What's not to love about a vintage Hank Aaron card.  Hank entered the Hall of Fame in 1982 with 98% of the vote.  Hank amassed 755 home runs, 3771 hits, 2297 RBIs, and had  life time batting average of .305!

Hank was a 21 time all-star, almost every year he played, won a World Series Ring in 1957,  3 time Gold Glove winner, 2 time batting champion, 4 time home run champion, was the 1957 NL MVP, and had 17 consecutive seasons with 150 hits or more.  Whew.

Sure the card is off center and the corners aren't razor sharp. This is still a high grade copy of a living legend, and I got it for a steal.  A great addition to the set and to my collection as a whole.


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