Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chips and Salsa: Part II - The non-Vegas Chips

I figured before I get to the meat of my Casino Chip collection, which is the Vegas chips, I'd show off my non-Vegas chips.  These are cool because unlike their Vegas counterparts they have different imagery one both sides.  The Vegas chips have the same image on both sides.

First up we have the French Lick Resort and Casino in French Lick, Indiana.  The only Indiana casino I've been too.  My wife is originally from Indiana and still has a lot of family there.  On one trip down we went down to French Lick to check out the West Baden Springs Hotel resort, which is really cool and also spent a couple hours playing craps at the casino a few miles away. I was the only one who made any money as my wife decided to just play slots.

Next up we have the Lac Vieux Desert Casino in Watersmeet, Michigan.  The hotel casino is also really close to the where the Watersmeet ghost lights appear.  I've only seen them once when I was in college and to be honest they look like someones front porch light in the distance, but did change color and then disappear.  Spooky.

This chip might be a table game $1. It's the same on both sided.
My only Arizona chip is from Camp Verde near Sedona where the wife and I spent a week earlier this year for our belated honeymoon.
Potawotomi Casino and Bingo in lovely Carter, Wisconsin.

And lastly we have a gaming token from the St Croix Casino in Turtle Lake, WI.  I  thought I had a table chip for this one too, but I couldn't find it.

Next up a run down of my Vegas chips.

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