Friday, November 16, 2012

Why is it all I want is a Twinkie now??!!??

I'd been following this story since it was first announce last week even though I haven't bought a Hostess product in a very long time.  I've been seeing lots of sports card related posts about Hostess cards, I'll probably have one too.  Its very likely the brand will continue though as Hostess sells off it's brands and factories, but a sad day in America.  Blame who you want the Unions, the company, those damn stinky hippies with their health food revolution, but Hostess as we know it is still gone.

I guess the Zombie Apocolypse can't be far behind.
Luckily Snoballs have a shelf life of 50 years.


  1. Who ever buys the rights to manufacture Twinkies should follow the New Coke/Coca Cola strategy from the 80's. They should release a "new recipe" Twinkie that people will hate, and then 6-10 months later, re-release the old recipe Twinkie and watch sales explode.

  2. I do like the occasional box of HoHos.