Friday, November 30, 2012

Sometimes they get it right...

I realize I bitch a lot on this blog.  It's human nature I suppose to express discourse over things you don't like.  But sometimes I need to celebrate the good things. Especially good things in this hobby.  I remember a few years back when just started up.   It was a novel idea in the sports card market place.  We already had places like ebay, and, to pick up and sell cards on, but COMC, as we all like to call it, offered something a little different.  Now is becoming and starting to venture into comic books, non-sports cards, gaming, and magazines.  The biggest complaint I  and many others had was the shipping and handling costs from buying from COMC.  It was pretty ridiculous at the start.  And it favored buying fewer, higher end cards.  If you were looking to fill a set or even get some cheap player cards COMC was a nice starting point, but buying in bulk on the site ended up getting you a higher shipping cost than you paid for all your cards. Now they've dialed it in, streamlined their operation and you can get your whole order shipped for a flat $3.00 with delivery confirmation. You can always upgrade to faster service, but for me allowing a week to have my order packaged and sent is no big deal.  And to be honest I've never waited a full week until I got my shipping confirmation email from them.  They also have great customer service. The one time I had a problem with an order, I was missing a card from my shipment, I emailed the company and they sent the card out the next day with an apology.

The last couple of years COMC has had some great Black Friday promotions.  This year was by far the best and to be honest a great deal.  If you didn't at least look at the site on Black Friday you missed out.  Not only did you get free shipping if you bought and shipped over 10 cards on BF, they credited your account 10 cents for every card you bought.  (They actually offered friee shipping all weekend through Cyber Monday) And a vast majority of the sellers had discounts.  I think I ended up with over 5 dollars in credit when all was said and done.  I picked up a lot of cheap cards for various base and insert sets I'm working on and a nice stack of new Frank Thomas cards for that PC, and some affordable 1963 Topps cards for the that project as well.

And while I've never tried to sell on COMC, not my cup of tea, but that's another blog post, I will say as a buyer it's gotten so much better.  And that's a great news for card collectors.

cb out.

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  1. Very true, I bought into their black friday promo this year too. It was great to get some nice deals without shipping costs making those deals less great.