Sunday, November 11, 2012

My McEnroe comes in!!

You may not remember this one. Hell I had pretty much forgot about this as well.  I had some really good luck last year with Allen and Ginter.  In the last box I opened I ended up pulling a McEnroe auto redemption.  I was torn with selling the redemption or redeeming it and waiting for the card.  I ended up redeeming it and well then I had to wait and wait and wait.  I got the usual Topps email saying sorry that it was over due.  I also saw that Johnny Mac had another autographed card in this years A&G and it wasn't a redemption.  OK I thought my 2011 is on the way.  And then I got to wait some more.  Well when I got home from work on Thursday I had a nice post office notification that I had a certified envelope at the post office.  I wasn't sure what it could be.  I'll be honest I did think that this might be my long lost McEnroe redemption, but I was prepared for it to be something not nearly as exciting.  Well when I finally got the Tristar fulfillment envelope in my grubby little hands I knew.  Almost a year and a half later I finally got my card.

It'll go nice with that McEnroe relic card I pulled from a box of this years A&G.  Thanks Topps finally.

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