Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chips and Salsa, Vegas style!

Over the years I've made several forays to Las Vegas. Mainly for poker tournaments.  The wife and I usually stay downtown, the casinos are smaller, cheaper, and everything is within walking distance, but we usually take a trip down to the strip to enjoy a show or just walk around.  That's how I got most of these chips. I surly did not stay at each casino and gamble at each one.

The Orleans was the exception though.  When I went down to Vegas 3 of the 4 trips were for World Tavern Poker. Two of the opens were held at Binion's and have been ever since, but one year they had a conflict and had to book in another hotel. That was the Orleans. I have to say though even though the Orleans was off strip it was still really nice.  They also had a 16 screen movie theater and 70 lane bowling alley in the hotel, as well as, having a poker room that literally had a table with just about every kind of poker going on.

Main Street Station was know more for it's buffets than gambling and this was off the beaten path in downtown LV.

Ah, Binions. The casino that made Texas Hold'em famous.  I've played a lot of poker at Binion's.

Fitz's. I really liked playing poker in Fitzgeralds small poker room. They had really cheap buy-ins and rebuys.

Last time I was down in Vegas which was about 2009, the Four Queens had just bought Binion's.

The Fremont was the first place I ever stayed in Vegas.  I met my brother and mom down there and had a blast.
Another classic downtown establishment.

I had a buddy that loved to play roulette at the Las Vegas Club and he won, a lot. As a matter of fact he won so much they kicked him out.

And down at the end of the block we have the Plaza. I use to love playing there tournaments, but sadly when I last went back they had totally taken out their poker room.

Now down to the strip.
For the most part the Casinos on the strip are huge, incredible eye candy.  But there are a few little hole in the walls too.  Like this one.
I remember that they had Fat Elvis, that's what he was billed as, singing on stage.

Of course the Bellagio is remembered best for the Ocean's 11 remakes, but the dancing fountain is a pretty incredible show.

Another funny Vegas story. Right before I went down to Vegas for the last time in 2009 with my wife, she had just gone down there for a conference for work.  She stayed at Caesars Palace and found a Pussycat Doll's themed slot machine that she actually made money on. While we were walking around she wanted to go find the machine. So we did and after about 5 minutes I made her walk away with 50 bucks profit.

The Iconic Flamingo.

Ah the late Sahara.  The Sahara shut it's doors last year. This is the only chip I have from a dead casino.

As I was looking through my collection I noticed I'm missing a few notables. Like New York, New York, Circus Circus and the Stratosphere.  I have a few other collections I'm planning on sharing as well.

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  1. Nice!

    There is also the Sands Casino which you might want to look for.

    I don't know where I got it, but, I have an ashtray from the Sands.