Thursday, November 29, 2012

Secret Stash found of Series 7 Lego Mini Figures

Well since I can't seem to find much to blog about sports cards I present to you some more mini-figures.

It just so happens that the Fred Meyers I go to has their toy section right next to the doors I like to go in. Coincidence? Maybe.  Anyway, I was walking through the Lego aisle because I'm sure that some time I'll find the Doc Ock/Spiderman set, but I did see that they had gotten in 3 or 4 cases of mini figures series 7.  This is well after Series 8 has already come out.  Anyways I didn't have very many Series 7 so I picked a few packs up. And luckily I needed all three.

First up we have the Hippy.

I ended up with a couple extra flowers for some reason.

Next we have Tarzan, or a Tarzan like guy.  He comes with two knives and a chimp.

And finally the cooler of the three, the Daredevil.
The Daredevil comes with two faces. Smiling and...
aghast or scared or something.
Here's what he looks like with his helmet on.
Nice detailing on the to of the helmet too.

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