Friday, November 26, 2010

Hawk eyed!!

I've been working on my State of the Collection address.  It's coming along I figure I'll roll it into my New Years Collecting Resolution.  But one of my new goals is to start a nice modern HOF rookie collection.

As a Robin Yount and Rollie Fingers collector I've got 2 HOF rookies already.  I'm still looking for that perfect opportunity for my Reggie Jackson rookie.  My local LCS has a fairly decent one for 95 bucks so I'm hoping to get it for much less online.  And I have lots of future HOFer Frank Thomas.

That being said I figure I'd look around ebay and see if I could find a rookie from this years inductee, Andre Dawson.  Not only did I find a great looking rookie card but the auction I won came with a second year care as well, in equally good shape. 

 Look at the size of the Rookie Cup, its huge!!

I've always been a fan of the Hawk.  I remember him better from his days in Chicago.  I have to say that if you can get a Dawson auto there great.

Brian over at 30 year old cardboard has some great examples of his auto in his Ultimate Dawson collection.

I picked this card up about 5 years ago and have to say behind Yount and Fingers one of the nicest autos out there.
I love all the swoops and loops. So clean.  If I remember I think this is numbered to 50 as well. 

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