Monday, November 15, 2010

New etopps and who will be the rookie redemption for week 10?

Well after a bye week eTopps is back with another offering of 3 IPO cards.  For those of you that don't know eTopps is Topps' online card offering site started in 2001.  Through out the season they offer exclusive numbered short print run cards.  And then after they are issued you can take delivery or trade them on their trading floor on eBay.  To be honest most of their cards don't hold there value from their IPO price but this is also one way for Topps to issue cards for a rookie as they make their MLB debut or first cards of traded vets in their new uniforms.  I've been picking up cards here since 2004 and to be honest getting the IPO isn't necessarliy the best deal.  You can usually pick up these cards off eBay for much cheaper than the IPO price.  There are a few however that do out perform.  Here was were you could have gotten one of the first Strasburg cards and I'm sure when Bryce Harper makes his MLB debut you'll see it here first.

Back when Topps had a NBA license they offered NBA cards as well but now its just MLB and NFL.
So this weeks NFL offerings are.
Mike Williams

Pickle boy.

And the one rookies card I seem to pull from every product this year.

The last 2 are RRO or Restricted Rookie Offerings and are not offered the whole week just till the 18th.

Now on to the question who will be Topps' Rookie Redemtion for week 10?
I've been trying to guess this for a few weeks now and have not been right once.
I'm going to have to throw my hat in the ring for Dez Bryant this week again.  3 reception for 104 yard!! and 1 TD and 4 kick returnes for 80 some odd yards.  Seems a shoe in to me.
Tebow had his first career TD pass a little 3 yarder and I'm sure that Topps will get him on a card yet, but it shouldn't be this week.  We'll see tomorrow.

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  1. You're right about the IPO not being the best deal. I don't think any cards I bought during the IPO have held their value. An early card of Francoeur's was fairly high for a short while before plummeting like the rest of my eTopps! Thanks for the heads up on this week's cards. I may have to go after that Clausen card just because.