Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank you San Diego Defense

Wow I'm still recovering from Thursday.  I'm so glad I took Friday off.  Since I'm 5000 miles from my nearest family, I know some of you are like, you so lucky, I had Thanksgiving dinner with about 15 close friends and didn't have to cook anything.  The only think I had to do was run into the liquor store and pick up a treasure chest of Pabst.  You know I guess that's not true I have a cousin stationed up in Fairbanks in the Army but I'll be damned if I'm driving up to Fairbanks this time of year.  If you've never felt -30 degrees F consider yourself lucky.  It's really cold.  That being said I had a great morning and afternoon of football. 

Fast forward to Sunday.  The pack loses to the Falcons, the Bears and Vikings win.  Grrrr.  But on a lighter note I did squeek out a win in my fantasy league.  It came down to Sunday night football.  All my players were done and to be honest it was a pretty lackluster performance all the way around.  Brees really didn't have a very good game.  So my opponent still had his QB, Philip Rivers, and his kicker, Vinitari.  Lets just say I was praying for Indy to score TD's and Rivers to get knocked out early, but the gods smiled on me with San Diego's defense scoring the majority of its points and Indy didn't get a single field goal!!  Plus the 30 point cushion helped but I still didn't win by much.

And I only went to the baseball card shop on black Friday.  I didn't plan on buying too much but they were having awesome deals and on top of the deals you got an additional 10% off so.  I bought the last box of Score hockey and I wasn't going to buy anymore update but for 36 bucks a box I couldn't pass it up and it was an alright box.  The score hockey pissed me off as I didn't get a snowglobe again.  I got 2 sudden death cards.  Why can't I get 2 snowglobe cards?  I'm assuming that the snowglobes are the rarest inserts, well behind the autos.  So I've bought 4 boxes and still am far from completing the set.  I will post a needs list soon and I have tons of extras.  Tons!!  I was kinda hoping to pull another SSP rookie but that didn't happen either.

bugger well better get to work.

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