Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Topps Rookie Redemption Week 11

This weeks Topps Rookie Redemption Week 11 is

Mike Williams!!

Here's what Topps had to say
"An impressive first season for Bucs receiver Mike Williams continued in Week 11, as he hauled in 54 yards and a touchdown during his team's rout of the 49ers. The explosive fourth-round pick out of Syracuse currently leads all rookies in receiving yards and is tied for the lead in touchdown catches, on pace for over 1,000 and 10, respectively."

I'm guessing that it was a mmmh week for the rest of the uncarded rookies this week. 
I had absolutely no guess this week and whatever I'm never right anyways.  Get your redemptions at your participating LCS.  So far I've got a full set and some extras going.  I wonder if this is going to die out like the Topps MLB player of the week promo.  Don told me he stopped putting them out and would give me a full set at the end.  Nice.

cb out.

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