Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A trade with the Night Owl

Earlier this month or was it last month what ever.  I posted the results of one of my Jumbo box breaks and  The Night Owl expressed interest in my box topper Chrome refractor of John Ely.
Well after a few emails back and forth and looking throught my vast boxes of extras, inserts, and whatnot, I sent it off with some other goodies and yesterday I got my package.

I got an almost complete set of Score 98, at least I think it's 98. I'm writing this from work so I don't have the cards in front of me.  He also sent me a few older cards like that 76 Charlie Moore and George Scott below and the 75 Jim Slaton.  All of which I needed from my Brewers superset.  The 85 Sutton is pretty sweet too, but the xfrator of Gallardo is my favorite.  Super shiny. 
There were also a few token Packers cards in there and a Corey Hart 2010 Update card not shown that I put with my Brewers Update set already before I scanned the cards.

I've only got 16 days till I close on my new house and after that I get to clean out my storage unit and start going through boxes and boxes of cards packed away for years so

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