Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010-2011 Score Hockey 3 box break and some rack packs

I'm not a hockey guy.  But I've finished my Topps Football and Baseball sets and I'm not impressed with the Panini Football offerings but I love Score.  Well at least this year I love Score. I my opinion Score football was Panini's best football release and this year they are putting out a Hockey too so for 30 bucks a box I want to try and do something I haven't done in a long time.  Put a hockey set together.
So I opened one box and couldn't help but go and get 2 more after that to see if I could hit an auto.

So here's what I got out of the three boxes and two rack packs.

I got 3 of these 20th anniversary cards in the boxes and one in a rack pack.
I'll probably end up buying out the Target near my house of rack packs.

The main insert other than rookies is the Playoff Heroes.  I actually got 18 of these 2 double not pictured and getting close to finishing this set.

My favorite insert in the set are the Net Cam cards these are sweet I love the angle and the picture.

One of the rarer inserts falling at one per box is the Franchise.

The second of the one per box inserts is the Sudden Death inserts.  I actually pulled 2 from one box but it was instead of a Snowglobe.  I like the layout of these, but that Giroux card is the dumbest picture on a card.
My second favorite set are the Snowglobes, Die cut and all snowy.
In the retail rack pack you also get 2 exclusive inserts. One Canadia Greats and one USA Greats.  There are 15 cards per set but the Panini Website only lists the Canada Greats checklist, no USA checklist for me.  I've added a few more of these as the hobby boxes are gone in town so I've been the rack packs.

I didn't get an auto but that's a case hit.  I did get a rookie redemption, which oddly enough is not a redemption card, but the actually card of the player, and I forgot to scan it.  I do believe you could call them SSP's but it looks like there are no actual redemption cards.

So I've ripped 3 hobby boxes and about 6 rack packs and still don't even have a base set and I'm quite a few short on the Rookies.  I also have a ton of glossy which honestly are dumb.  Just give me an extra regular card.  I guess I could try and finish my set with glossies but I'm a purest and a glossy set is a glossy set and a regular set is a regular set.
Unlike Score football there are no numbered parallels in this set.  As a matter of fact unless the Autos are numbered, which I didn't get one of, there are no numbered cards in this set.

If you need some cards to fill your set I'll have my need list and maybe have my extras listed as well soon.

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