Monday, November 22, 2010

Topps Variation Wish

So I posted a  few days ago some Trade Night pick ups.  One note I failed to mention was that these were all pack pulls no trades. As a matter of fact there were only 4 of us that showed up to the store.  It was probably my best chance at winning the give away I've ever had.

Anywho, one of the cards I pulled was this Reggie Jackson variation from Topps Update.
This is at least the 4th Reggie Jackson Variation Topps has put out I do believe he had a Angels, Yankees, and A's cards in last years set.  And doing a quick search I see he has at least one other variation in this years set as an Angel, so I will assume he has another Yankee variation out there as well so that brings us up to 6.  Here are last years.

I have at least 2 of these I can't remember which ones off the top of my head.  I stole these images off of Freedom Cardboard.
 Now I'm a Reggie fan.  But I'm kinda of a passive Reggie collector and very opportunistic in collecting his stuff.  That means I'm cheap and when I find a Reggie I need that's a good deal I'll usually scoop it up.  That being said I really like the Topps veteran variation cards.  Now anybody who knows Reggie knows he was a hotdog and a little self absorbed.  He knew he was good and he was cocky.  Mainly because he was that good.  He also played for 4 different teams in his career, 5 if you count the Athletics before they moved from Kansas City.  Probably best remembered as an A or Yankee, Reggie also put in 5 season with the Angels and one long forgotten season with the Orioles.  

I guess my wish would be that Topps would put out a nice Reggie variation in an Orioles Jersey or a KC Athletics with the KC logo on there.  I love the ecclectia and those would be great oddballs. 

Who would you like to see get there own Variation card and with what team? 

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  1. There are some out there but I like Harmon Killebrew as a Washington Senator.