Thursday, November 18, 2010

Topps Rookie Redemption Week 10

I give up.  I realize I can't watch every game and I don't pour over the stats and I don't watch hours of Sportscenter, so I'm pretty ignorant about all the great NFL stuff.  I do look at the scores and headlines but I guess I'll never work for Topps.  So this week the Topps Rookie Redemption is Rob Gronkowski. 
Here's what Topps posted.
"Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski shined under the bright lights in Week 10, hauling in three touchdowns along with 72 receiving yards in a victory over the Steelers. The 42nd overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft has reached pay dirt six times this season, while displaying the highlight-reel grabs that made him the most accomplished tight end in Arizona Wildcat's history."

Yeah that was pretty good.  At least Topps isn't bowing to popular demand and fan base.  I figured Dez Bryant would claim the spot this week.  Oh well.  7 weeks to go and maybe I'll get one right.  I know that Dez and Tim Tebow will get cards this year they are too popular not to.

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