Saturday, November 20, 2010

I guess my Tony Pike cards are toliet paper.

I don't know if there are any Carolina fans out there or if anyone cares about the team.  I'm not a fan but I can commiserate with the best of them.

I was pursuing the sports section of Yahoo, since it's the only sports page not blocked at work, and found this interesting article.

Seems John Fox in his infinite wisdom as head coach has decided to elevate his practice team quarterback to starter for Sundays game against the Ravens, Brian St. Pierre.  So this begs the question whats wrong with Tony Pike?

Well first off let me sum up that if you didn't know, Carolina's starting QB Matt Moore is out with a shoulder injury from last week and the rookie back up Jimmy "Pickle Boy" Clausen is still recovering from a concussion.  And John Fox decides to put in a guy that was just signed to the practice squad last week.

Hmmmm there is definitely some insanity running around the league. 

I was hoping the Tony would get in there and shine.  I've pulled some nice Tony Pike rookie autos this year and would love for them to be worth something.  But if Ray Rice has his way maybe Pike will get to play after all.
Not terrible cards the Prestige mini helmets are kinda neat.


  1. That can't be good for Pike's ego... Sure St. Pierre has game experience, but Pike should be given his shot... especially since the Panthers aren't playing for anything other than next season.

  2. a week and a half ago, St Pierre was a stay at home dad. Now he's starting in the NFL.
    This is not good for Pike.

    But then again, it's Carolina, so who the heck knows?

  3. Yeah I figure at 1-8 you'd let the rookie try. Why not now your in the race for 1st draft pick.

  4. I'm ashamed to say I'm a Panthers fan and this QB issue has been locally talked about since the announcement. Now that the game has been played I can say St. Pierre wasn't awful, but we still lost the game in the end and are no closer to finding out QB for the future.

    Tony should have started considering the circumstances. My only guess of why John Fox started "Mr. Mom" is that he could care less about Carolina's future since this is his last season as head coach.