Friday, May 11, 2012

Cardboard Collections Cheap Group Break Pimp!!

I know what y'all are thinking the contest pimp only pimps contests.  That ain't true at all  I pimp all sorts of things.  I especially like cheap group breaks!!

So my question to you is do you like baseball?  Baseball cards? Cheap baseball cards of your team with the chance of walking way with a cool insert or relic card?  Well why haven't you helped Colbey fill up his monthly cheap group break yet?

Go over to Cardboard Collections and pick a team.  He's got slots from just $4 delivered!!!  And the most your going to pay for any available team is $7 hell that's the price of two packs of card now, and you get all the cards of your team from three boxes of cards!  Look at all these great teams still available(as I write this anyways hurry they'll go quick)

2nd tier - $7 shipped
Baltimore Orioles -
Cincinnati Reds -
Colorado Rockies -
New York Mets -
Philadelphia Phillies -
San Diego Padres -
San Francisco Giants -
Seattle Mariners -

3rd tier - $5 shipped

Detroit Tigers -
Florida Marlins -
Los Angeles Angels -
Minnesota Twins -
Montreal Expos -

4th tier - $4 shipped
Arizona Diamondbacks -
Pittsburgh Pirates -
Tampa Bay Rays -

Pimp out

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