Sunday, May 13, 2012

TTM Success Nyjer Morgan (Brewers Outfielder)

Got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday.  Got a fan pack and a TTM return.  
I sent Nyjer Morgan 2 cards on April 23 and got them back yesterday the 12th of May (postmarked the 9th).  And while I love it when I get a autographed card back Nyjer's sig leaves a little to be desired. I've looked a past success from Nyjer and it seems that he's just running through fan mail initialing the cards.  But at least from what I can tell he at least attempts to respond to all his mail from the posts I've seen over at Sport Card Form.  And I'm glad I sent  2011 and 2012 cards. The 2012 got smudged unfortunately but the 2011 looks good other than it's just a squiggle.  So thanks Nyjer I appreciate the response, I only wished you'd have taken a little more time.

TTM States 
Date Sent April 23, 2012
Date Recieved: May 12, 2012
Address Used
Nyjer Morgan
c/o Milwaukee Brewers
One Brewers Way
Milwaukee, WI 53214

Thanks Nyjer.

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  1. Nice! Now if he would just start hitting the ball....