Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fan Packing across the USA - Royals vs. Orioles

Yep going to do another heads up.  Probably not fair, but life ain't fair.
I got fan packs from the Royals and Orioles pretty much back to back days so lets see what we have inside.
First up the Kansas City Royals

A nice form letter from the front office.  The Kansas City Royals lettering up top is gold foil. Very classy.
There was also a K Crew temporary tattoo. 
A 2012 Royals schedule, featuring Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, and Alex Gordon.

And an application for the Sluggerrr's Blue Crew Kids Fan Club.

Kind of lackluster, lets see what the Orioles sent

Another front office form letter. Not very wordy.
Two, yep two more 2012 team schedules

A flyer for Camden Yards tours.
Here's the back
A couple of stickers.  And these stickers are big. Very nice.

And a player card of Wilson Betemit.  This is larger than the 2x3 regular card size, but smaller than post card size.  And it's even got stuff on the back.
I wasn't familiar with Betemit, so I looked him up online.  He's been in the majors for over 10 years and played for just about everybody.  I kid, but Wilson has played for the Braves, the Dodgers, Yankees, White Sox, Royals, and Tigers before signing with Baltimore this year. Betemit is a utility player being able to cover 1st, 3rd and shortstop and so far this year has played in 21 games and had 18 hits, 4 HR's and 15 RBI's not too shabby.

So I think the winner between this fan pack off is pretty obvious, ahem Orioles.  But thanks to both teams for actually sending me something.  


  1. See why I hate the Royals as an organization? They're cheap and money grubbing. I love baseball and rooting for the local team but I can't hardly stand going to the games because I feel like I'm being fleeced.

  2. That's nothing Kyle wait till you see my next Fan Pack post about the Giants. Want to talk about cheap, all I can say is PDF. And while the KC fan pack is kinda shitty at least they sent me something, the Phillies won't even talk to me because I live outside of the tri-state area.

    1. Wow, the Phillies should be higher class than that. Especially with all the choices East Coasters have for teams. It would be neat if you could find out about some fan packs from the past. What did the Phillies or Royals do in 1977?

  3. I think the O's have one of the best logo's in baseball.