Friday, May 18, 2012

Fan Packin' Across the USA - Battle Royal! The Dodgers vs the Cubs vs the Braves!

I got three fan packs in the mail in the last couple of days.  The Braves, Dodgers, and Cubs all came back to back to back, so lets throw them all in the ring and see who comes out the winner.

Lets have a look at all the envelopes.

Wow that Dodger envelope is huge!  Ok lets see what we've got.  Will start small and work our way up.

First we have the thank you letter from the Braves.
Just like the Red Sox the Braves include a small bag of dirt.
There was also a 2012 Pocket Schedule, not folded.  Featuring Timmy Hudson.
Photo of opening day.

And a great big Braves sticker.  Not too bad for just a #10 envelope.

OK next up the Cubs fan pack.
First we have a nice little note card, that had it's own envelope.
Nice a personalized thank you note.  Very classy Cubs, very classy.
The Cubs included a 2012 All Star ballot.  Hmmm hoping to stuff the box eh Cubbies?
There was also a Wrigley Field Tours brochure.
The 2012 Cubs Pocket Schedule.  Hey that guy use to be a Brewer, and I just got him TTM too.  That's  manager Dale Sveum. I did a quick search and there are actually 4 different Cubs pocket schedules. I'm sure there are multiple versions of lots of teams this year, but I'm not going to look them all up.
A nice Cubs sticker, and...
And a 2012 Fridge Schedule magnet! I love fridge magnets.
I'll be honest last year's fan pack was a lot better. It had a foam ball, wrist sweatband and some player postcards, but still a nice fan pack.

All right lets see what was in that big envelope from the Dodgers.
No thank you letter but a copy of Line Drives newsletter from December of last year.
Also a Dodger Playbill from September of last year.  Hey that picture looks familiar.
The Dodgers 2012 Pocket Schedule featuring manager Don Mattingly. I know that there is also another pocket schedule featuring Matt Kemp.

A player postcard of Clayton Kershaw.
Here's the back

yep another fridge magnet!!!

So who won? Man this one's tough.  I mean I love fridge magnets, but the Braves sent dirt! And both the Braves and Cubbies sent stickers, but the Dodgers sent a player postcard of Kershaw, man if one of these teams had sent me a pencil it would be all over.  I'm going to have to go with the Dodgers on this one, but it was a close one.

CB out.

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  1. haha, just sent this letter to 13 teams at the same time!!! hopefully it works:

    I am a huge fan of your team and would really appreciate it if you could send me one of your team fanpacks. Thankyou for your time and the pack. My address is:


    Thanks again!

    GO TEAM!!!

    whaddya think? lol