Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Group Break Pimp - 3 boxes of 2012 Chrome over at Cardboard Collections

Seems to be a whole lot of pimping going on here at Collector's Crack lately.  Colbey over at Cardboard Collections is taking a break from his usually monthly affordable group breaks to try and catch up with things, but he's already planning ahead for August.  Up for the break is three boxes of 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball.  Chrome is a favorite among collectors. So shiny!  So for $17 bucks, a little pricier than his normal group breaks, but still cheaper than a blaster, you get to pick your team of choice and then you also get a random team assigned after all 15 slots have been filled. That's 6 guaranteed autos and we might even hit a refractor hot box!  If you've never been involved with one of Colbey's group breaks your missing out and now's your chance to jump on board.

Go check it out here, but be forewarned the Braves and Brewers are already claimed.

Pimp out.

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