Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trade post with Adam from Thoughts and Sox

This story starts with a quest.  A quest for a rainbow of parallels.  Of one of my favorite players...Rollie Fingers.  A few months back I ended up acquiring Rollie's blue parallel 2012 Topps Tribute.  But along for the ride was a Dustin Pedroia blue parallel as well.  The seller had paired them up for the auction.  I'm guessing he figured maybe it would appeal to someone trying to put the blue set together.  Anyways I ended up winning the auction for the minimum bid.  So the Blue Rollie was mine, as well as the Blue Pedroia.  So I emailed Adam over at Thoughts and Sox to see if he would like the card.  He said yes he most definately was interested but it would be a while he had just moved and all his cards were boxed up. I wasn't worried.  I promptly sent Adam a package.  Now if you know me, I hate to send just one card in the mail. But for the life of me other than that Pedroia card I can't remember what I sent Adam. Anyways I promptly sent off a package and then promptly forgot about it.

That was until the other day when I had a nice think padded envelope show up in my mail box.  At first I thought  "Oh crap did I forget a trade?" But then I remembered.  Anyways Adam sent me a crap load of cards.

So here are most of them.
 A couple of Bo Jackson cards for my PC.  That 2009 tribute card is sweet.

A few vintage Brewers...some 71's and...
a 1975 George Scott.
Some Heritage
And a Prince Fielder rookie.
A nice smattering of Paullie Mo's
A few Younts.
A couple of Sheffields, that 89 is actually a reprint from 2010 Topps.
A couple Turkey Reds
A Braun card.
Some CC. Man I really like these Sweet Spot cards.
And lastly a couple numbered parallels.  The Gallardo is #d to 599 and the Escobar is 2011.
There were a few others I've already put away.
Thanks Adam.

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  1. I was on vacation when you posted this so I mossed it. I'm glad you liked them. Save some fish this summer so that when I finally go on that AK fishing trip I catch allot.