Monday, May 14, 2012

Fan Packin' Across the USA - Cincinnati Reds

Like I mentioned last post I got a fan pack with my Nyjer Morgan TTM success. And it's the Reds!.  It came in a huge envelope and had quite a bit of stuff in it. So lets see what the oldest team in baseball sends out in it's fan packs.

First we have the thank you letter.  Even dated for this month nice!
Next is a big autograph sheet. A least that's what I think it is. I mean that's what the white bar is for below the players.  And it's 8.5x11.
Of course we get a 2012 pocket schedule featuring Jay Bruce.
There is this free Special Preview Edition of a Kids book.  I haven't read it, but I'll put it in the pile for my unborn children.
Next we have a sticker of Gapper. I have mustache envy now.
And last we have a huge wall poster.  Can you guess which of the 4 players featured this one was.  Yep it was Josh Hamilton.  Just kidding it was Votto.  It's so big it doesn't fit on the scanner and I didn't take a photo of it but it looks just like the preview.

Not a bad little fan pack from the Reds.  And currently they're in second place in the NL Central two and a half games behind the Cards.  Thanks Reds organization!


  1. The Reds have the greatest fan packs, my daughter and I request one each year. I got a Votto picture which 500 of them are autographed, 5 stickers, a luggage tag, pocket schedule, and some pencils. I might request another one, but I don't want the price of beer to skyrocket at the ball park just yet. Cool fan pack though, congrats

  2. Hello,

    what did you send to the Reds that got them to send these great things to you? I would love to be getting stuff like this from them!

    Thank You,