Friday, March 2, 2012

Be back soon....

This should be my last post for about 2 weeks.  The wife and I are finally getting out of Dodge for our honeymoon.  We've only been married 7 months so that's not too bad.  We're headed down to Arizona for some warm weather, deep holes, and spring training baseball, also possibly some clickity clack and drinking, and maybe even a hike or two.

I know the first thing your going to say is Arizona? For your honeymoon?  Hell yeah, Hawaii's freaking expensive.  We ended up using airline miles to get down to Phoenix, one of our wedding presents was a time share so we opted for Sedona, because there was nothing closer to Phoenix and I hear Sedona is nice, and I found a cheap rental car.  So our honeymoon shouldn't break the bank, which is good considering Heritage comes out right after I get back!

We got tickets for the Brewers/Cubs game on the 10th and Brewers/Mariners on the 13th.  And I get to meet a couple fellow bloggers at the Brewers/Cubs game.  That should be fun, at least for me, I'm sure my wife, who claims to be a Cubs fan, but probably couldn't name a single player on the team, will find something to keep her occupied.

Alright everybody, have a good couple of weeks and just think Opening day is just a month away!!!


  1. Have fun. Don't forget to buy some sunscreen when you get there. Seriously, I got a terrible sunburn on my neck at a Cubs game down there.

  2. My wife is already on it. I'm atomic white, I glow!! Alaska will do that to you. I'm also stoked I was reading that Robin Yount has been hanging around with the Brewers down there.

  3. I'm so white my wife bought me a Casper bobblehead cause she thinks it looks like me.