Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I know it's baseball season, but HOLY shake up in the NFL Batman!!

I know we all have our eyes on opening day in a few weeks, but since I'm still a fan of both the MLB and the NFL I keep my ear on the rail for interesting stuff and so far in the last 3 days I've been on the edge of seat. Just kidding.

Peyton's going to Denver.  That's going to be interesting if he's healthy. And the Colt's are more than likely going to have a rookie QB starting the season.

Tebow's going to the Jets. Looks like the bench will be nice and toasty for the starters!

The Dolphin's picked up Garrard. Don't they know he has Crone's disease!! I don't see this helping the Dolphins at all.

Matt Flynn signs with the Seahawks I wish him well and I hope he kicks major ass in the NFC West.  Will he? Who knows, I've liked what I've seen, I just haven't seen that much.

Brady Quinn signed with the Chiefs, I guess he can how suck with the Chiefs.

And the Saint's coaching staff just got wiped out in a Tsunami name Goodell.

I probably couldn't tell you who will win what division, but I can probably make a few predictions on what teams are going to basement dwellers this season.

That will be all

CB out.


  1. Did you see that apparently someone OUTSIDE the organization put a hit out on Rodgers??

  2. On a completely unrelated note, how is that "Civil War: Schemes and Plots" book? That sounds interesting!

    1. It's kinda dry, but has some interesting stuff I didn't know.