Thursday, March 29, 2012

Character Building Series 1 Micro-Figures

So I'm taking a break from sports cards for a few posts and keeping with the same topic as the last post....

I know there are quite a few mini-figure collectors out there.  To be honest I'm just a fledgling collector.  But if you read the blog regularly you know I love the oddball and the mini.  I started doing some research on minifigures and it can get a little overwhelming.  There are the Lego Minifigures, Megablok minis, Kreons, Kenex has mini's as well, Kubricks and Minimates.  I'm sure I missed a few but the cool thing is there is so many subjects and genres there's really something for everybody.  The only mini's I haven't seen yet are the sports mini's.  Where are the mini Albert Pujols, Ryan Braun, Mickey Mantle?  I think someone is overlooking something here.  Anyways a while back I was checking out the card aisle at Target and noticed these in a gravity feed next to the Topps Series 1.  

I had no idea what these were about but for $1.99 I figured I grab a few.  Well that started a slippery slop and next thing you know I'm trying to complete the set.  For those of you who have never heard of CB's or Character Building, it's a British company that holds the license for Doctor Who and Deadly 60, which is a British nature show, and also put out a line of British military minis too.  You can find their website here.

JDNA is a Canadian import company. There website is here.

You'll notice if you click on either one, neither has any information on these mini's.  Since there is a Series 1, I guess we can assume there will be other Series' to follow. Maybe.

Here are the insert sheet that comes with each blind pack.

1 White Astronaut - Common
2 Orange Astronaut - Rare
3 Race Car Driver? - Common
4.Construction Worker - Rare
5. Black Soldier - Rare
6.White Soldier - Uncommon
7.Special Forces - Common
8 Red Ninja - Rare
9 Black Ninja - Common
10. Knight - Black with red trim and red cape - Rare
11. Knight - Red with black trim and black cape- Common
12. Zombie monster - Uncommon

First you'll notice there are as many "rare" minis as common and only 2 uncommon.  I'm only missing the Construction worker.

Lets have a look at the real figures.
 1. White Suit Astronaut - Common

This guy is actaully suppose to have a backpack but I forgot to put it on
Here he is with the backpack.  One other note.  These guys don't come with that base piece I stole that from a lego Mini figure.

2. Orange suited astronaut - rare.

3. Race Car Driver?  - Common
I think it's a race card driver.
 4. Construction Worker - Common 
Don't have yet.

5. Black Soldier - Rare

6. White Soldier - Common
The other neat thing about some of these figures is the hidden details you don't see.
Like the details on the soldiers shirt under his vest.  The black soldier has the same detail.
The white soldier looks like it's from the H.M. Armed Forces line, but looking at the Character Building website I don't see the black soldier in the set so it might be exclusive to this release.

7 Special Forces Soldier - Uncommon
This is another soldier not featured in the HM Armed Forces line.
This guy has the same detail under his vest.

8. Red Ninja - Rare
9. Black Ninja - common
10. Knight - Rare - Black with red trim and Red cape (Castle on Shield and Chest)
11. Knight - Common- Red with black trim and black cape with a Lion on shield and chest.
12 - Zombie - Uncommon

There you go.  If anyone has an extra construction worker I'd be willing to trade for it.  I have multiple white soldiers, special forces soldiers, white suited astronauts and an extra common knight.  If anyone sees Series 2 out let me know. I've started a new stand alone page to try and keep track of my mini's.

CB out.

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  1. Hi there! This looks like an old post, but I just found a construction worker!