Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TTM Success Former Brewers Catcher Tim McIntosh

I sent Mr. McIntosh a couple of cards before I left for vacation.  He only sent this one back.  No big loss I think the other card was a 92 Donruss.  And if I wanted one back his 91 rookie card would be the one.

Tim didn't have too stellar of a major league career and was mainly used as a back up catcher, but did eat up the minor leagues for a few years.  After Milwaukee he went on to play for the Expos.  Then did a stint playing in Japan for the Nippon Ham Fighters and then finished his career with the Yankees in 1996.

My wife asked me last night as I was getting some cards ready to send out to Spring Training what happens if I don't get them back?  And I laughed.  She was worried I was sending out valuable cards. Then I told her that the postage was worth more than most of the base cards I sent out to get autographed see didn't seem impressed.

Anywho I'm slowly starting to get my TTM chops.  Out of the 4 TTM's I sent out before I left I've already gotten 3 back in about 2 weeks turn around time, that's pretty good.  I'm only waiting on Dan Plesac.  I just sent out 11 more TTM's this morning, 3 current players and 8 former Brewers, 3 of which coach for the Cubs and one for the Mariners.

The stats for Tim McIntosh:

Date Sent: some time around 2/27/12
Date Received 3/17/12 - St Patty's Day!

Address used:

Tim McIntosh
10662 Chantel Ln
Stockton, CA 95212-9216


  1. Nice! My first IP auto (that I was not present for... my mom had to get it for me... lol) was of B.J. Surhoff, also a former "Future Star" Catcher for the Crew!

    1. That's pretty cool. I hear that BJ doesn't sign through the mail at all.