Friday, March 30, 2012

TTM Success Cubs third base coach and former Brewers Shortstop Pat Listach

Continuing my great mail day with another former Shortstop and current Cubs coach.  I got Mr. Pat Listach.  Pat is currently the Cubs third base coach.  I actually got to see him during the Brewers/Cubs spring training game I went to this spring. I wasn't able to get his autograph then, but I decided to send all three former Brewers on the Cubs coaching staff TTM requests.  The only one I'm still waiting on is Chris Bosio.
It's Pat!!!

Anyways I sent Mr. Listach 3 cards, I decided to start limiting my TTM to two or less cards, but this round I sent out I was high on some recent returns and really couldn't decided which cards to send to these guys.  As luck would have it so far these guys have been great and have returned and signed everything I've sent.

Filling up the 94 spot on my Topps project.  I almost sent Pat the gold foil parallel version  of this one but I'm glad I didn't got to keep the collection pure.

1993 Score...

My favorite is this next one.

While 1994 Upper Deck is not one of my favorite sets, that squished black and white photo on the side seems silly, this card looks great autographed.

The stats:

Date Sent 3/19/12
Date Recieved: 3/29/12

Just 10 days great return!
Address used

Chicago Cubs
HoHoKam Park
1235 N. Center St.
Mesa, AZ 85201

Thanks to Mr. Listach for the great additions to my Brewers TTM collection.

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