Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey Topps, I got another Idea!!! 2012 Allen and Ginter Football!

I've been mulling this over for a few days now.  Especially after I saw some preview images from the upcoming 2011 Topps Football set.  Can you say 1965 Tall Boy mini's??  Oh I will be collecting that set!

Ahem, what I've been mulling over is the lack of a nice retro vintage football set.  Last year Topps didn't even try.  But what about 2011 Topps Magic you say?  Doesn't count, just like the Bowman mini inserts from last years football don't count as either.  The 2011 Topps Magic was only available directly from Topps and only featured rookies, and you got one auto per box, which means either you got a Cam Newton auto, or not.  I was not impressed by what I saw posted about the product.

Baseball usually gets 3 or more retro sets a year.  Last year we had Heritage, Allen and Ginter, and Gypsy Queen. In 2010 we had Heritage, Allen and Ginter, 206, and National Chicle.  This year were getting Heritage, Gypsy Queen, Allen and Ginter, and who knows? On the flip side we had no vintage issued in 2011 for football and in 2010 we had just Magic.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think we need 3 vintage inspired issues for football, as a matter of fact I don't think we need that many for baseball either, but it seems most of us out there really like the retro cards as long as it's not over done, which at times seems like it is.

I really liked 2010 Topps Magic.  I thought it was a well done product, with beautiful cards and some really nice hits.  Does that mean I want a full blown Magic release this year? Not really.  And I really don't want another set of Topps Mayo.


And since Upper Deck has already used Goodwin Champions and Goudey, and most of the vintage designs have been used by at least one card company, I'd love to see Topps give football the Allen and Ginter treatment.
I'm sure they could do better than this!

I realize that A&G never put out football cards, but now that Topps has started coming up with their own vintage inspired designs for A&G who cares?  I think most of use agree that A&G is one of the products we really look forward to each year. Myself included.  I think a well done football themed version would be a hit.

Just a thought.  That being said I'm glad to see that Topps has finally started giving it's flagship football it's own card design and stopped using it's baseball template.  I always hated that and it just seemed lazy. There also seems to be some interesting stuff. I'll wait till I see a full sell sheet and checklist to pass judgement.

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