Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Marvel MegaBlok Micro Action figures Series 1 and 2.

I found a small stash of these at a Wal-Mart in town.  Actually the Series 2 were in a Series 3 box, but after seeing the checklist for Series 3, I'd rather have Series 2 to choose from, since there's not too much on checklist I'm interested in Series 3.  Put I've got 3 figures from Series 1 and 3 from Series 2.  I'm pretty happy with the ones I got.
I'm a big fan of Iron Man from way back.  I was a big reader of the comic books back in the day, so if I had to pick two to get out of this series it would be Iron Man and War Machine.

But the first one I opened was the classic Spider-man.  Not too bad as I was/am a big spidey fan, so that's a nice one.  The detail and points of articulation on this mini's is awesome.  They look really good and each one somes with some accessory(s).  Each figure also comes with a nice thick display block.
I'm not sure what the thing on his back is suppose to be.  A web pack or something.

Next up...
IRON MAN!!!  Sweet one of the two I really wanted.
I'm a big fan of the original gold and red color scheme.
Next Up.....

Freaking War Machine.  To be honest I wouldn't mind finishing this series.  It seems it would be pretty easy to pick put the Green Goblin from packs with his glider, but the other two might be harder and I'm sure I'd just start getting doubles, so I'm probably done unless I can find these loose elsewhere.

I had thought about breaking this up into two posts, but figured screw it.  I'm sure I'm going to grab a few more of these packs, being a mini-figure and marvel fan.  I also just found out that Lego will be putting out Marvel based Mini-figures this year as well.  And there are also Mini-mates featuring all sorts of Marvel character.  All of which are Lego compatible.

Where Series 1 was Iron Man and Spidey focused, Series 2 expanded to 8 figures and features character from the three Marvel movies that came out in recent years.
I would have loved to pull a Wolverine.  Not just because it's this series' Ultra rare figure, but because I'm a big Wolvie fan too.  In fact this is another series I wouldn't mind collecting all of them.

Out of the eight possible I picked all three mini's that had to do with Iron Man 2.  So I was not disappointed, but with this series I'd have been happy with anyone.  It's too bad all there Iron Man characters are commons, but I don't really care.

First up...
The Iron Man Mark V.  It's funny, but I remember in the comic books that Mark V had the triangle chest light and in the figures it the Series 1 original Iron Man with the Triangle. And for some reason I thought the movie Mark V had the triangle too. Now I'm going to have to go back and watch the movie again.

If I had to pick one figure I could have done with out it might have been this one..

And last the Battle Droid.
I'm sure I'll pick up a few more of these in the future and I'll probably grab a couple Series 3 if I can find it.  Oh here's the checklist for series 3 if your interested, I just snagged it from the web.

A couple Fantastic 4 character with Mr. Fantastic and Silver Surfer.  So X-men with Havok, Iceman and Magneto and some more Spidy with Stealth Spider-man and Sandman.  Overall I think the only one I'd really like is the Silver Surfer.

CB out.

Update:  I just read online that there won't be a series 4.  :(


  1. Those are sweet! The bases really bother me, though. It's incredibly frustrating to me that you can't center the figure.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! While the Megos are highly detailed and have awesome articulation, at least the lego mini-figures display nicer. I think if I finally get around to a display I'm going to put these on longer pieces.

    2. Starting with series 4 of the Halo figures the stands are now 3 pegs and thin blocks...I like them much more.

      Those do look cool. I may have to pick up a pack the next time I'm out. Your Spider-Man looks great, but what is that thing he is holding? Looks like an adult toy! (from what I'm told)

    3. It's exactly the same as the whiplash whips too. Not a very convincing spiderweb!!