Friday, December 16, 2011

Barry Bonds sentenced to being good from here on out!!!

Just saw over the wire that Barry Bonds was sentenced to two years probation and a $4000 fine for obstruction of justice.  I suppose that's ok with me.  I mean yeah he lied, but do we really need Barry in prison?  Although maybe he should have to do some community service or something.  Cuz lying is bad, m'kay?  Yeah it's a slap on the wrist, but he didn't murder anybody, or did he?

Update:  I guess he also got 250 hours of community service and some home confinement.  Doesn't Barry's house have a bowling alley in it?

Of course there's the appeal process expected to take a year or more, so any actual punishment won't start till after that.

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  1. I'm more interested in how MLB decides to "punish" him, if at all, in terms of a HOF ban or anything like that. I'd certainly doubt it, though, since it wouldn't be fair to single him out amongst the legion of cheaters from that era.