Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trade night Booty Part 4 Rubbin' is Racing and other Misc packs

Continuing with my Trade night booty series we have the two racing packs, the Upper Deck SP Authentic college hoops pack and the Topps UFC Moment of Truth pack. Warning this is not as exciting as the past couple of posts.

First the racing.  I'm not a big racing fan, but the few collectors I know in town are pretty rabid when it comes to PressPass Racing.  And I'll be honest PressPass does a good job with it's cards. They look nice and have some neat inserts.  I unfortunately did not hit a relic or auto, but let's have a look at what I did get.

First PressPass 2012.
Here's the backs

Who doesn't love trucks?

Next we have PressPass Legends.

Not bad cards, but I don't think I'd shell out 10 bucks a pack for this stuff.  

Next up...
Lets start with the SP College Basketball

I'm not a basketball fan so my opinion is very skewed and I'm even less of a college basketball fan, so doubly no thank you. Plus I'm not a huge fan of the design at all.  It looks more like a Panini product than Upper Deck.

Next UFC Moment of Truth.

Yikes that's one scary woman.  
Over all I like the design and the price point, I'm just not a MMA collector.  

Stay tuned for more.

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