Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year's Everybody and let's get ready for some great playoff Football

Wow last games of the regular season are just a few days away and some still matter.  Crazy.  Of course in the NFC the big game is the last one of the season with the Giants and Cowboys facing off. One gets to go to the playoffs the other gets to watch.  The AFC is a little more complicated with the AFC west up for grabs and 4 teams sitting at 8-7 and the Bengals at 9-6.  Hell the AFC North could send 3/4 of it's division to the playoffs, crazy.  As for me my team, the Packers, they are facing off against the Lions.  It's a game that isn't really all that important to either teams seeing as the Packers locked up the division weeks ago and home field advantage last week with their win against the Bears.  I won a free rib dinner on that one and I gave my wife's aunt 12 points in the game.  I have a feeling that Matt Flynn should get at least 3 quarters of playing time Sunday and if the Lions where smart they'd limit how much playing time Suh gets to keep him out of trouble.  If the Pack had beaten the Chiefs 3 weeks ago this game would be a little more interesting.  I'd also be a little more enthusiastic about the game if the Lions needed the win to get in, but seeing as they already clinched their wildcard spot it won't be like last year when the Bears decided to play soft against the Packers and let them into the Playoff only to have that come and bite them in the ass.

The other thing I've been thinking about is Rookie of the Year.  Of course all the talk is about Cam Newton and Andy Dalton and AJ Green's name is in there too.  For me it all depends if you go purely on stats or other factors like winning games.  Cam has better QB stats, but not by much.  Cam has over 700 more passing yards than Dalton, but they're both tied in total TD's, 20, both have close pass completion percentages and Dalton has 3 fewer picks.  I would love to say Cam is the clear winner simply because he put up stellar numbers this year and while his team didn't help him too much to win, he was a boon for fantasy football.  But Dalton is most likely taking his team to the playoffs and while it takes more than just a great QB to make a good team the fact that the Dalton-Green combo this season has been so fantastic is hard to over look.  So I'm probably going to say that Dalton is my choice, but it ain't up to me.  I will say all three guys, Cam, Andy and AJ have had great rookie years and if they can carry that over to their sophomore years, next year should be just as good.

Well just my two cents.  And remember my 2nd Annual Super Bowl contest is coming up next week.

Happy New Year's everybody!!!!

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